Trump, The Ol’ Lamplighter

By Cinzia Croce

As Donald Trump’s candidacy was gathering steam over the summer, I asked a friend and longtime Republican activist what he thought about him. He replied that Trump was just like the old lamplighter going down the streets, firing up gaslights, chasing shadows away and allowing voters to see for themselves the state of American politics.  Since joining the presidential campaign trail, Trump has repeatedly exposed the corruption, incompetence, arrogance, hypocrisy, and dearth of policy ideas that have dominated our political system for decades. Continue reading


McConnell’s Risky Gamble

By Cinzia Croce

Barack Obama is a very lucky politician. His election as president came about because of a perfect political storm: a primary opponent who did not realize she was losing until it was too late; a general election adversary who frivolously threw away his most potent argument — Obama’s lack of experience — by selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate; and finally, a predecessor who mismanaged the subprime mortgage crisis for months, leading to the eventual financial meltdown taking place a month before voters headed for the polls. Continue reading