Donald Trump Is Right About Jeff Sessions

by Cinzia Croce

Supporters of Attorney General Jeff Sessions are in quite the predicament. They can’t dispute that President Donald Trump has solid grounds for feeling frustrated and disappointed. They can’t criticize the president for saying that if he had known there was a chance Sessions was going to recuse himself, he would have chosen else someone as Attorney General. They can’t deny that the key reason Bob Mueller is roaming around DC — armed with unlimited subpoena power and financial resources — looking for some crime, any crime — is a direct result of Sessions’ fateful decisions to recuse himself and appoint Rod Rosenstein as his number two. Since they can’t counter the validity of the president’s grievances, all that is left is to portray Sessions as a victim and Trump as a disloyal friend.


Eager to defend their idol, some Sessions fans have even gone so far as to suggest that Trump would never have reached the White House if it weren’t for the Attorney General — and that therefore Trump owes Sessions a special degree of loyalty. This assertion is not based in reality.  By the time Sessions announced his endorsement, Trump he had already won three out of the four early contests. In Iowa he came in second, which is a remarkable achievement for a candidate with no ground game and who refused to spend a year traveling to all 99 counties. In South Carolina, Trump won so decisively that he racked up all 50 delegates. Continue reading